Passionate Salary

Passionate Salary

           Following your passion can either benefit you, as well as be a burden to you. I say that because people usually get the misinterpretation that following your passion can lead you astray of what deems us financial stability. When you look at your passion in that light, it can lead you astray to what you consider passion. Then again, when you are passionate about something, you wouldn’t mind doing it for free. That’s what I mean when I say; do not put a price on your passion, do it for the human essence you can bring to it. Do not expect a lot from your passion. That’s what people forget at the end of the day. Do it because you LOVE it, not because it is going to help you with your financial gain. At the end of the day, doing something you love is beneficial on a human level in more ways than one. It helps the spirit grow due to the confidence you build from the passion you have instilled in yourself. I also believe you can be able to follow your passion, while also being able to have a practical way of earning money. It all depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice to attain your goals on a practical level, as well as passionate level. If you wholeheartedly love your craft, wouldn’t you want to do whatever it takes to achieve it? I believe that if it came down to it, do not put a price on your passion! Hold it close to your heart, and do not let it go. Do not let the world around you take away the essence of your passion. Know that your passion is not just here just for the financial gain, but knowing that your passion is helping others around you find theirs. To me that is more gratifying than an overpriced salary that I have no love for.

My Father is a perfect example of following your passion. He doesn’t get overly paid, nor does he have the best job in the world, but the only thing that matters to him is that he loves doing it. I’m going to refer to the voyage he made coming to America, in hopes of bringing his family from overseas, as well as finding some way of financial stability in the process of our migration. He first thought of the idea back in the Philippines. He wanted a better life for his family. He wanted to move his family from the Philippines to America, in search of financial stability. He first was a seaman in Saudi Arabia, then eventually found out that they were going to dock somewhere in California. That’s when he knew he should take a risk and chance of becoming an American citizen. Once he arrived in California, he applied for citizenship and also applied for a job as a gas station attendant for the time being. He always emphasized about his commute every morning to work. He would walk 10 miles every morning to his job, and 10 miles back, every single day. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but knowing that his strides would eventually land his family here was enough passion within him to continue his struggle. He then earned enough money to bring both my sister’s first, then my mother, then my brother, within a span of 5 years. By the time they all were here in America, he saved enough to rent out a house, which in time became our house. Then once everything had settled down, they had me in September of 1986. The difference between my passion, and my father’s passion, is that he forced himself to love what he did, for the love of his family, to find a better way of living some place else, while in my situation, I found passion through an art/craft. He made it clear that I should pursue something I really truly love. He sacrificed for us to be able to follow our dreams, while he struggled for us to give us that life. He wanted his children to be able to sacrifice as much as he did, but sacrifice towards something we love to do, rather than spending your life away just to make an income. I don’t believe anything that he did was practical; he went on a limb and hoped for the best. And it turned out better than he ever imagined. He basically showed me the essence of following you dreams, but on a different plateau. That’s the difference between our passions.

Cultural values tend to aim us towards making a salary, more so than doing something you love. Questions like, does doing it, or thinking about it make you feel good about yourself? Is it something you enjoy doing so much that you would do it for free, or even pay money to be able to do it? When you are doing it, do you lose track of time? When you are talking about it do you become more animated and enthusiastic? If circumstances allowed you to spend more time doing it, would you? Sometimes when pursuing a field in the long run, those questions are thrown out of the door because of our cultural values, and how they want us to pursue something more practical. I mean if you chose to pursue to becoming a nurse, or doctor, or anything for that matter why does that seem more practical than anything else out there? I believe that if you have the patience, faith, and belief in what you want to achieve, the sky is the overall limit, besides the limit that you put on yourself. In the life we live right now, we aim for the financial gain we need for the moment. Things we save up for such as rent, food, phone bills, medical bills, so on and so forth are only a handful of things that makes us aim for the “now.” We then forget about the long run, and if we would be happy doing what we are doing for the rest of our lives. I believe that sooner or later down the line that when you pursue something wholeheartedly, knowing that you can make a difference there, can eventually land you the job of your dreams, as well as strong financial gain from it. It’s 2013 guys! Lets do something we love, and benefit the people that surround us, inside and out.

Jobs in America nowadays are usually the get in and get out jobs, especially if you are just beginning to head into the workforce. Most entry level jobs do not include pension, medical insurance, 401k, or any benefits for that matter. Without prior knowledge, credentials, or a degree of some sort, it will usually land you a dead end job, or something of entry level with a very low pay, unless you luck out and land a job with those benefits, then I consider you one of the lucky ones. Trying to manage a living with those jobs will be stressful, knowing that you are living paycheck to paycheck. Knowing those are the circumstances, we should be able to sacrifice even more and apply ourselves outside of the workplace. Such as find a subculture of some kind that we love and can appreciate, and build from that. Once that is figured out, we then should seek educational resources to help us figure out what we should pursue in the long run. We would still be able to have a “practical” job, as well as being able to pursue our dreams, side by side. Going through those motions should given us more faith in our craft, knowing that it can benefit our peers as well as our communities. Then once we start painting, pictures start to develop, and we can start to have a vision of what is next to come. Once our stitch in the matrix has made itself known, the sky is the limit. People start to make themselves known about how they feel about your craft, as well as willing to add an element to your craft that you never expected, which I believe is one of the secrets to our passion. When those elements haven’t made themselves known, I believe you should keep searching for something else, or maybe apply yourself more towards your passion, for it to be acknowledged later down the line.

Just because you are not in the field of your desired craft, does not necessarily mean you cannot find passion within it. Sometimes you have to create that fire within yourself to appreciate the tasks at hand. In the article, “The real story of the superheroes,” Dulce Pinzon emphasizes how Mexican immigrants work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for a very low wage. “Mexican immigrant workers a subject of interest. The principle objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper.” Sometimes you are going to have to do things to an extreme, and know that the work you are putting in is for a greater cause. These individuals aren’t in the field of what they consider a dream job, but their abundance of passion clearly helps them through it all. Knowing that the money they earn is going to help out the people who really need it back home. That is definitely the price that people should risk to attain their passion. Passion should be not just a career you choose, but something you focus in on a daily basis, knowing that it’s used not for self, but for the greater good of everyone around you.

Me personally, I don’t mind making a mediocre salary towards something I love. I would rather be passion hungry, than money hungry. Chasing money usually just ends up with fake relationships in the field of your choosing. Think about a corporate company, it’s all about chain of command. So most definitely people act upon people of higher rank and also act upon the people below them. When it comes to a job that you followed your passion in, it’s more so a collaborative effort with the peers that you work with, rather than trying to prove your position for a higher wage. And if you take the time to look at that idea, it proves itself. When working in a passionate point of view, with peers with the same visions and ideologies, the skies are the limit. We all work for the same cause, not for ourselves. I believe the outcome of the product would be something that we would be proud, knowing that we created it in a collaborative effort. And I also believe that the stress levels of work wouldn’t weigh you down as much compared to a strictly labor stressed job. So I would rather take the time and know that I took the chance of following what I love than chasing money, which I believe at the end is a hollow and one way of living.

Taking the time to look at passion in the workplace, I noticed that majority of people nowadays lack passion. Not just in the workplace, but just in living life. We should all be excited every single day, knowing that we might experience something new and innovative, regardless of it being in the workplace or outside of it. I believe that’s where passion starts. Not just because you feel as if you have talent, but more so the energy you bring to the group or whatever it may be. I think that’s what people forget. That passion isn’t a “job”, it’s a way for you to get yourself excited and interested. Whether it is from a regular dead end job, to being a janitor, or a film editor. Passion has to start somewhere, and I believe that if we all start somewhere we didn’t expect to find passion, that’s where I believe your journey fully starts. That’s when you start looking at things from a different angle, and your perception of what you though that was, is really different from what you expected. That’s how we make things worthwhile. Everything isn’t always going to be fun and games, but with the right attitude and mentality, everything you go through goes way more smoother, and that’s what I believe is passion in the work place.

..Passion Poetry Slam..

In this life, we all need a passion

something that lights up the room,

like lights camera action

You wouldn’t have expected, to feel the way you do

about a certain confidence thats shooting through the roof

potential that we’ve grown, to subcultures that we bask in

learning new methods

won’t mind people asking

questions that guides us,

to actions that lands us

vicarious opportunities,

we should all share our madness

together as one, with valued abilities,

share time with the people i love,

as well as the people that are kin to me

follow your dreams, then work will be cake

pursuing something you don’t love, might make you liquidate

but something you love, wont be a mistake

for something you love, wont waste it on hate

cuz who would hate making love(passion/art/craft) on a salary wage?

please do not hesitate, take your time and assimilate

you never know how far you’ve come,

achieving success might be one step away

plant your foundation, sorta like a tree,

intake your natural essences,

like inhaling the summer breeze

influence, integrity, leaving a legacy

learning from others, sharing knowledge,

its meant to be

devoted we are, acquaintances we might be,

forgetting anybody in this room today?

is highly unlikely.


Final Letter to self

Dear Jaym,

In the span of two quarters, I feel as if I have a better grasp of learning, reading, and writing. It took me awhile to get started up but after going through the motions, helped me progress as an overall student. I used to have a really difficult time reading as well as writing, but I feel as if the tools Brian has given us and implemented started to settle in. Knowing that the skills we are honing in on in class shouldn’t just be applied in the classroom, but in our daily lives as well. Taking the time to appreciate what we are given and running with it has taken a positive toll on me overall, and I’m really appreciative.

What has stuck with me throughout these two quarters that I feel will translate outside of class is taking initiative, and really taking the time to look at where my flaws are and work on them. Usually in other English classes, its hard to analyze every individual in class, so sometimes certain students have a harder time grasping what is being shown to them. Luckily for us, we had a smaller group, which led to more time with Brian. What I’m also going to consider doing from now on is making a prompt. Not necessarily for writing assignments, but for anything extracurricular that will help organize the task at hand. For me personally, it has helped me grasp the task on a deeper level, and also helps me find a deeper understanding.

I believe I have accomplished the learning outcomes of the course. I have a deeper understand of reading and writing, as well as being an overall student. Work has to be done, regardless of our circumstances. So I learned to work even when the pressure is on. I believe that being in that situation helped me grow as a learner, making sure that I not only understand what we are learning, but also to be able to transition that outside of the classroom. What I noticed most out of the learning outcomes that stuck with me is creating meaning through different methods. Understanding them from a different perspective and different view helps me grasps ideas to another level of thinking. Its amazing to see how far I have come.

What I have learned about reading is that it’s all about how you read. From aesthetic, to efferent, those methods of reading help you understand what it is you are reading. I also thought that to be a good reader, you would have to be able to read fast. That is not the case at all. I would rather be able to read and understand the first time around, than going back and forth from the text. I used to believe I was a fast reader, but what’s the use when you don’t understand the first time around. And that has benefited me extremely. Knowing that process can help me achieve better writing as well is a major plus. I find it really amazing how I can translate what I learned from reading into my writing. My writing isn’t where I want it to be, but I definitely know I have progressed. I have somewhat better sentence structure, as well as knowing where and when to incorporate ideas and vice versa. When I take the time to see my progression, it puts a big smile on my face.

From the beginning of last quarter, to the end of this quarter, pretty much sums up my ability as a student. Putting myself in a situation, but still being able to apply myself and continue on has been an eye-opener. I found strength in myself to continue and elevate while going through the process, and it truly is a gratifying one. And I think that’s what shapes a great learner. Just keep at it, and never giving up. And having that ideology towards life and education has also shaped me as a better a brighter student. I want to take the time and thank Brian Lewis for being patient and understanding. He helped me understand things on a broader level, which opened my eyes to see things that weren’t there. Before it would be such a hard time to get me interested about anything, but now it seems I’m interested in everything! So I commend you Brian! Keep doing what you do best, and passion is the only way. The only thing people forget about following their passion, is they forget to bring their minds with them.