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Final Letter to self

Dear Jaym,

In the span of two quarters, I feel as if I have a better grasp of learning, reading, and writing. It took me awhile to get started up but after going through the motions, helped me progress as an overall student. I used to have a really difficult time reading as well as writing, but I feel as if the tools Brian has given us and implemented started to settle in. Knowing that the skills we are honing in on in class shouldn’t just be applied in the classroom, but in our daily lives as well. Taking the time to appreciate what we are given and running with it has taken a positive toll on me overall, and I’m really appreciative.

What has stuck with me throughout these two quarters that I feel will translate outside of class is taking initiative, and really taking the time to look at where my flaws are and work on them. Usually in other English classes, its hard to analyze every individual in class, so sometimes certain students have a harder time grasping what is being shown to them. Luckily for us, we had a smaller group, which led to more time with Brian. What I’m also going to consider doing from now on is making a prompt. Not necessarily for writing assignments, but for anything extracurricular that will help organize the task at hand. For me personally, it has helped me grasp the task on a deeper level, and also helps me find a deeper understanding.

I believe I have accomplished the learning outcomes of the course. I have a deeper understand of reading and writing, as well as being an overall student. Work has to be done, regardless of our circumstances. So I learned to work even when the pressure is on. I believe that being in that situation helped me grow as a learner, making sure that I not only understand what we are learning, but also to be able to transition that outside of the classroom. What I noticed most out of the learning outcomes that stuck with me is creating meaning through different methods. Understanding them from a different perspective and different view helps me grasps ideas to another level of thinking. Its amazing to see how far I have come.

What I have learned about reading is that it’s all about how you read. From aesthetic, to efferent, those methods of reading help you understand what it is you are reading. I also thought that to be a good reader, you would have to be able to read fast. That is not the case at all. I would rather be able to read and understand the first time around, than going back and forth from the text. I used to believe I was a fast reader, but what’s the use when you don’t understand the first time around. And that has benefited me extremely. Knowing that process can help me achieve better writing as well is a major plus. I find it really amazing how I can translate what I learned from reading into my writing. My writing isn’t where I want it to be, but I definitely know I have progressed. I have somewhat better sentence structure, as well as knowing where and when to incorporate ideas and vice versa. When I take the time to see my progression, it puts a big smile on my face.

From the beginning of last quarter, to the end of this quarter, pretty much sums up my ability as a student. Putting myself in a situation, but still being able to apply myself and continue on has been an eye-opener. I found strength in myself to continue and elevate while going through the process, and it truly is a gratifying one. And I think that’s what shapes a great learner. Just keep at it, and never giving up. And having that ideology towards life and education has also shaped me as a better a brighter student. I want to take the time and thank Brian Lewis for being patient and understanding. He helped me understand things on a broader level, which opened my eyes to see things that weren’t there. Before it would be such a hard time to get me interested about anything, but now it seems I’m interested in everything! So I commend you Brian! Keep doing what you do best, and passion is the only way. The only thing people forget about following their passion, is they forget to bring their minds with them.