I am Jaym Orejola, i’m from San Jose, Ca and currently live in San Jose as well. My academic interest/goals are towards getting an AA in Music Technology, and also trying to partner that up with a degree in film studies. I am trying to hopefully land somewhere in the video game/movie industry working with music production/dialog. I would consider that one of my dream jobs. Hobbies i enjoy on my leisure time are making compositions, cooking food (I love italian!! :D) and also trying to get back into shape slowly, but surely. Couple of my goals that i wish to accomplish sooner down the line is to see my name on the credits of a highly acclaimed feature film. I know it sounds cheesy but i would go nuts when it does happen! I also would like to join the peace corps. when i get somewhat situated to go travel around the world, and help out the less fortunate. Those are just a couple that i have in mind. The purpose that i wish to have with my blog is to show the struggle in trying to become what we are destined to be, but also showing the beauty beneath it. Therefore i named my blog, “Beautiful Struggle.”Image


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