Look @ Literacy Essay #1

            Look at Literacy
            The definition I believe we see as a society through literacy in this day in age is obviously not the same as it once was. Some of us are really eager to solve this literacy problem within ourselves, but at the same time stuck because it starts off with the institutions that serve us to help us understand what the true meaning of what literacy is, and what should be the proper way to be evaluated. Through the first 2 weeks of this class, I’m really starting to grasp what literacy is, how much I thought I knew about literacy, how language is what makes us who we are, and what we are trying to accomplish through the essence of reading and writing.
            “Language, we know, is a socially generated public system of communication-the very bloodstream of any society. But it is often forgotten that language is always internalized by an individual human being in transaction with a particular environment.” We as humans have always had a way of communicating with one another. At one point in time, I believe it started off really simple from a prehistoric standpoint, and then eventually started to get more and more complex as time passed. Eventually, we as humans started to become more specific at what we wanted to express, and to whom we wanted to express it to. In the prehistoric ages, I believe a grunt and a point of a finger would do enough justice to figure out what that individual had in mind, whether it was to show hunger, or a way to show his affection to his loved ones. Even in a simplistic way of thinking, language shows to be an important element, whether it be a million years ago, or in the present. It just so happens that the way we want to emphasize on what we are saying is much more complex then, than now.
            The value of literacy nowadays is just a shell of what it was. If the value of literacy were really valued, then why would we have so many budget cuts towards schools and education? The problem that I see we have nowadays is just a lack of being a lifelong learner. Some of us grasp the idea tighter than others, and it shows. I believe the older generation has a bigger grasp on why literacy is so important, because they understand the power of the pen, and how it can be harnessed to help those in need of what is being expressed through the text if interpreted in the correct context. “Let me make two points. The first is who is writing more? Who is filling the pages of websites with writing? Is it the young? Or is it those who grew up in the era when writing was clearly the dominant mode?” I believe that it is the older generation that has a stronger belief in what they are trying to express, because they have been taught the correct way in being literate. I believe that was the case back then because they really emphasized on the value and power of literacy, and how it can make a difference, if you allow it to have that immediate effect.
            The purpose of literacy in my opinion is something that some of us take for granted. To be honest, I actually feel as if I am one of those individuals, or that is what I come to believe. Up until now, I never knew how much I lacked in literacy. Just because you are able to speak and express yourself to the people around you, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are literate in a sense. Me personally, knowing what I know now about literacy, through the text we have read in class, I feel somewhat ashamed because I have only seen the “tip of the iceberg”, not knowing there is a larger mass beneath it all.  From the first couple weeks of this class, I had already known that I was in for it. I mean, yeah, I can emphasize on a topic, relate with my peers, and help others around me, but why is it when it comes down to it, I still feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to writing or reading? I guess it just comes with the territory of being a reader or a writer. But then I start to think; maybe it does have to do with how I was taught, or what I’ve been shown to help me interpret what I’m reading, and knowing now, I really believe that the factor of reading in an efferent/aesthetic way is what helps you understand, and what shapes you to understand what it is you are reading, and what you choose to write about. “Since each reading is an event in particular circumstances, the same text may be read either efferently or aesthetically. The experienced reader usually approaches a text alert to cues offered by the text and, unless another purpose intervenes, automatically adopts the appropriate predominant stance”.
            I really truly believe that the definition of literacy in this day and age has changed dramatically. Depending on your personal state, and how you have been taught, it will eventually show through the writing. It also can lead up to a whole lot of different aspects, but at the same time, I can say that the way some of us have been evaluated has succumbed to the way we do interpret the way we look at literacy, and it shows. We have come a long way from how we viewed literacy as a whole, and how we choose to perceive it. In my personal opinion, I’m starting to see literacy in a whole new light, even if I have only been in this class for a couple of weeks, I’m starting to grasp the elements for reading and writing, which has never crossed my mind the way it has now. Going through these steps now, I can see how much I lacked in literacy, and hope to extinguish that thought after this process. After taking the time to look at literacy as a whole, I have a firm belief that the generations before us had a better understanding about literacy, and what profound effect it had towards themselves and also the people who took the time to understand what they were trying to say. In conclusion, I’m really glad I’m in this class to really dig deeper into the true meaning of literacy today, the essence it brings, the value it has, and the purpose that should be instilled in all of us.



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