Beautiful s0ul Essay #2

“Beautiful S0ul”
            In life, we all have some sort of influential person that carries us farther than we would have ever imagined. Those individuals help us carry out our dreams, even if those dreams seem so far, they make it seem as if it is one step away. They are always willing to encourage, even if they are having a bad day, while also being able to personify themselves as our biggest supporters. In my case, I chose my niece, Junee Ann Cabading. She has been the most positive, and uplifting individual in my life, even though I have a big group of influential people to speak about, I chose her whose smile can go a long way for me. It’s really hard to explain into words how she makes me feel, even if the words are there for my disposal, that’s how much of an impact she has made on me with doing the minimal. The way she expresses herself to me is through faith and belief that we will be destined for greatness, while applying honest to goodness to the process we call life.
            Family has always been a bright spot in my life, although it’s rare that I see them on a day-to-day basis, it’s usually due this thing we call “Life”. We all are either busy working, going to school, or on the other side of the country doing what we have to do, while at the same time providing for our families and ourselves. That’s where Junee Ann plays a big part in my life. I really started noticing how much of an influence she is on me; not because of how often she is around me, but how she tends boggle my mind when she is around. She is always finding ways to express herself creatively, and she expresses what she feels in her heart, without hesitation. That is one of the traits that I’m actually learning from her. As for expressing herself creatively, she started buying these decorative duct tape rolls with money that she had saved from either Christmas or Birthdays, which she uses to make these colorful flower pens with. As for her expressing what she feels in her heart, she stated that she wanted to start a foundation for children in need, because she feels for them, and there is not a day where she doesn’t think of them. She wants to start it off with those flower pens she started making, and give art kits, which include: stationaries, pens, pencils, color pencils, markers, a coloring box for all the contents and also one notebook for writing, and one notebook for drawing. Her passion and charisma has carried me passed my own boundaries, which translates to the people around me.
             I believe Junee Ann is so heartfelt, and warm hearted towards her peers due to her Grandmother, which is my mother, Nancy. Her grandmother has implanted a deeper sense of understanding towards the less fortunate and how we should treat each other’s as equals, always. I asked Junee Ann, “Who is you biggest influence Junee?” Junee says, “Nanay of course!” with a lot of enthusiasm. I asked her, “Why is that Junee?” She says, “Because Nanay loves people, and she is always willing to help, and also because Nanay is always willing to cook whenever we are hungry, and when you cook for people, that shows you love them!” From then on, I knew she had captured a sense of being able to voice and speak out on somebody that really influenced her, how they influenced her, and how that alone can affect you on a daily basis. Just being able to hear her emphasize on how much my mom has influenced makes me feel really blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of loving individuals.
               Another individual that Junee states that makes a big impression on her is her mother, Maryann. She obviously carries over what my mother has instilled in her throughout the years, even though they had a harder childhood growing up, she never used it as an excuse to be something other than what she is today. It basically instilled how much more hardworking she is, and more appreciative because she didn’t have much then. She was raised in the Province of Quezon in the Philippines, where it was much tougher to provide for a living. While living in the Philippines, she was raised to be hardworking, honest, and humble to be able to have a mindset capable of achieving something much more than they had back then, which also I believe translates to Junee Ann being extremely grateful and appreciative for what she has, and to not take anything for granted. I really believe that is why Junee Ann has such a giving heart, and is always willing to help out when help is needed. I truly believe that being surrounded by loving, caring, and passionate people will carry you a long way, especially long after those individuals are gone, and also able to pass that ideology to the present generation. It’s amazing how I see the transaction between those three generations, while they seem to have the same effect, even thoughtheir generations are so spread apart.
            There are many reasons for me to state how much she influences me on a daily, but I only want to touch basis with the ones that are more noticeable to me.  One of the biggest traits that Junee brings is of the subtle reflection she gives off. She gives me the natural warmth that my mother brings, and the perkiness and enthusiasm that my sister gives off. It’s like having the best of both worlds. I say that because I rarely see my mother and sister, due to this thing we called “Life”, and having her around brings me the reassurance that I very so need. She has the ability to keep me young at heart, but at the same time focused at the task at hand. It might seem farfetched for me to get these traits from such a young adolescent, but she carries herself in such a different light than most children her age. I feel so blessed to have her in my life, and I know that once she comes of age, I truly believe she will make a big difference on this earth. When I’m having a bad day due to whatever reason it may be, she can easily say, “Hi Uncle! I’ve missed you!” And gives me a big ol’ hug. That alone can alleviate everything I was feeling until then, which I honestly find amazing. It’s like “divine intervention” you can say.
                In the text “We are all third generation” it states, “Only if one slackens, loses one’s interest in the race towards success, does one slip back. Otherwise, it is onward and upward, towards the world of Washington and Lincoln; a world in which we don’t fully belong, but which we feel, if we work at it, we some time may achieve.” In that quote, I believe she is trying to say that once you let “Life” get the best of you, it can sidetrack what goals you have set for yourself. It feels good to have an individual in your life to bring you back down to earth when you need it the most, even though life can get the best of you at times, that shouldn’t dictate where you’re headed in the long run, but build strength, character, perseverance, and the confidence to get through anything, and everything that comes your way. Having Junee Ann in my life didn’t give me those attributes, for I have already had them instilled in me. All she did for me was reassure me that those attributes were there, while continuing to do so. I love you Junee Bunee!
      –Source: Reading Culture 8th Edition, Diana George and John Trimbur-
–Margarat Mead-We Are All Third Generation-Page 101-First Paragraph–
Video Diary #2

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