Life Long Learner Essay #3

          As we all become older, we all should have developed some sort of belief system over time.  Those beliefs should help us navigate during the good times, as well as help us during the worst of times, even if our backs are against the wall. They should reassure ourselves when we are filled with doubt, and also give us strength when we feel weak. Our belief system should be able to expose our biggest fears to ourselves, as well as pinpoint the success that we can only dream to imagine. Some of the major beliefs that I believe help us set forth on to that path are towards equality, pursuing your dreams wholeheartedly, doing whatever it takes to pursue your dreams, believing that having your heart in it makes it much more worthwhile, and last but not least, applying those beliefs to our definition of literacy. Our beliefs might have originated from our parents, instilled by our siblings, or even exposed to us by the outside world we live in, but still we all should have some sort of belief system that we come back to. All in all, belief systems are what carry our society as a whole, and also determines who we are as individuals.
            First and foremost, I believe that equality set’s the standard in my belief system. From same sex marriage, racial issues, or even financial wealth; at the end of the day, we are all on the same boat trying to stay afloat. I have no problem with gay marriage whatsoever. I believe that marriage should be a common union between two individuals, regardless of sex. Just as long the love is there between the two, I think that is all that matters. As for racial issues, we have had a past that was torn against civil rights and liberties, but having individuals such as Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Dr. MLK, and other civil rights advocates help alleviate some of the pain that came with segregation. I am blessed to take the time to look around my classroom, to see all of us being able to work together, knowing not so long ago we would be segregated from one another. That is an amazing feeling. Even with wealth, some accrue the mentality that money is what carries us farther than anything else.  In my opinion, that belief system is overly passive knowing that there are other bigger things to worry about in the world than personal financial gain.
             Life tends to let you know how it feels over time. At times, we put ourselves through situations, and other times life just happens. Even in those instances, the belief system I instilled in myself for those similar situations are that you can overcome anything, especially if you put your mind to it. The only limits we have are the ones put on ourselves. I truly believe that once we have that implanted in our minds, anything is possible. And a whole new view and perspective is ready and able to be used. For example, I hated video editing at first. It was overly complicated at times, and I just couldn’t get it. Over time, I started developing a feel for it because I didn’t want to give up on that and on myself. So therefore instilling that belief in me has taken me farther than I would have imagined. Now I am actually trying to pursue a degree in Film Studies, which in my mind is amazing. Even with all the struggles I have had with it in the past, having that belief system help me overcome that, knowing that hard work pays off, and also if you want to make a difference somewhere, you can. It’s all up to one person, and that is you.
           As human beings, I believe we all have to play a part into our human essence. I can see that some of us have lost that aspect. When I was waiting for the bus one day, I took the time to analyze the people around me, more so towards interaction part, and to me it seemed like it was totally eliminated. People were more stuck trying to text, on a tablet of some sort or just quietly waiting. Its like people like talking to their devices more than the people that are around them, which I found really strange. Especially if you take the time to really think about it. We should be able to speak freely amongst one another, not feel caged by the devices that serve us. Tell a story to a stranger you met at the bus stop, tell a joke to a person in line at a super market, or even a simple hello. That’s the human essence. Being able to share without any strings attached, whatsoever. Those moments I enjoy the most. One instance, I was at a Lucky’s Market by my house. I ended up waiting at the self-checkout area, come to find out only one of the machines was working. So while waiting in a line of about 5 people, a middle aged man stepped behind of me. I greeted him, “Hello.” also asking how his day was going, and he replied, “It’s not going too great.” I replied, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” I nervously asked, “Do you mind me asking why?” Me being naïve enough knowing that was the dumbest question to ask a man who says he’s not having a good day. He gives me a stern look, but turns it into a smile saying, “That was awfully nice of you to ask, at least I know somebody in this world still gives a hoot.” Him saying that made all the difference in the world to me. Even if he wasn’t specific or whatever, I knew with that alone, can help another individual feel a sense of relief even for just a moment.
         Dreams might seem farther away than we think, especially if we continue to think that way. I believe that we should be able to live out our dreams, test our potentials and limits, and develop our minds to become our best human asset. I believe that with perseverance, faith and common unity amongst one another, a dream will come true sooner or later. With faith, commitment, hard work, patience, and humility, great things will become apparent and dreams will solidify into reality. My biggest dream would be to travel the world and help out the people that very much so need it. It’s a shame how at times we can get caught up with our own daily lives, knowing that there are far worse situations for others around the world. That makes me work twice as hard, trying to reach a plateau to do that on. We obviously have to start on a local level, helping out in charities and what not, but hoping to reach a level where we can do that internationally. That would be an amazing experience and feeling, and also contributes back to the human essence.
          Music has to be one of the things we overlook at times. Music is everywhere. Our cars are equipped with Cd/Mp3/Tape/Radio players; it’s incorporated through mass media and pop culture alike. Music plays a big role in our society, and also outside of it. With music, I believe it has healing powers when used right. It can also make you feel other emotions as well, but I’d rather just focus in on the healing powers, or lets say stress reliever that music brings. Some songs offer similar situations that the artist went through, which can give a feeling to the person listening a sense of understanding and relief that another individual feels their pain. Music can also make you feel good, and is a great way of self-expression, especially for a musician or artist alike. Even the listener can get a feel of understanding through what the music brings.
                  The last belief I would love to share is how I believe my belief system translates towards my understanding of literacy as a whole. Knowing that past situations about civil rights and how freely we are to speak, read, share and talk about those situations in and outside of class make it much more worth while. Especially knowing that those situations didn’t happen that long ago. Hearing Melba’s story “Warrior’s Don’t Cry.” Is a great example of feeling much pain from an ongoing situation you’re included in, but not wanting to be in, but knowing that writing it down somewhere can help the pain a bit. “Along the winding hallway, near the door we has entered, I passed several clusters of students who stared at me, whispered obscenities, and pointed. They hurled insults at the soldiers as well, but he seemed not to pay attention.” The lack of equality played a big role for Melba. For some could have chose to riot, or go against, she gathered her strength, used her mind, and saved her perseverance for the upcoming days in Little Rock. She continued to go to that school regardless of all of the things that was going on around her. That idea comes back to my belief of being able to overcome anything, especially when you put your mind to it. In her situation, she basically forced herself to think that way, just so she can survive during the day. That also comes back to my belief towards the human essence, because without it, we wouldn’t have that common ground with one another. It’s obvious what Melba’s dream was going towards in the book. I believe it was towards the equality, and how she just wanted to go to school in peace. And she sure did accomplish that in the long run. She made the world understand what her dream was and that if you believe hard enough for something, while also applying hard work, effort, and patience, it will eventually come true. Looking at myself as a reader and a writer now has astonished myself. I was never so fluid in writing or reading. But I can see how if you put faith and trust in something or someone, it will genuinely get better over time. And if you work hard at it, it will eventually manifest itself. And that is how I see my belief system translate into my understanding of literacy.
                  Putting belief systems into words, and translating them into feelings, then sentences, then eventually a full-blown essay was hard to fathom at first. Once I started to place those firm beliefs into a place where I can speak freely about them, and also add to it while searching within myself for more is amazing. I can see my transformation as a reader and writer, and I believe that those belief systems help me through the doubt, or the struggle as a reader and writer. Once I hurdled over gathering my belief systems in order, everything started connecting left and right, it felt like I couldn’t stop. That was a feeling I haven’t ever experience before, and I am really glad I’m getting over that hump. Belief systems as a whole are the foundations for us as human beings to help bring us back down to earth. It’s what tells us whether we should or shouldn’t, Or basically limits us in the process. Once we have our belief system instilled correct, and used wisely, it takes out a part of us that we never knew we had, which makes this whole process of life way more sweeter.
Source: Warrior’s Don’t Cry By: Melba Pattillo Beals

Chapter 7; Page 96; Paragraph 4

Video Diary #3


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