Essential Creativity

This is a video I made through finding ones passion through whatever medium. Enjoy!

Essential Creativity

          As human beings here on earth, we should all have some feeling of belonging to something in this cherished life of ours. Sometimes we might be born into it, such as coming from a boxing family as the Mayweather family, or even finding it through trial and error such as myself, through testing yourself, pushing your abilities, and fighting that will to give up. Sometimes it might seem as a deeper natural calling, and sometimes it might just be a career we choose to follow later on in life. In any of those matters, it is still referred to as a subculture. Let me incorporate a simple definition. Subculture: Simply a culture within a larger culture and, thus, is characterized by the same basic elements of culture; that is, just as the dominant majority culture, any given subculture also has “distinct practices, artifacts, institutions, customs, and values.” In actuality, we all should belong to a subculture of some kind. You might not be able to figure it out right off the bat, but they are there, and they do exist.  Subcultures can be generally defined as a group that has similar distinctive patterns of behavior and beliefs.  Sub-cultures are in of themselves who people are as well as who they choose to be. I believe subcultures are important because they give a feel of belonging and unity.  Being a part of a subculture makes people feel that they are not alone in their craft of choosing.  Additionally, the different subcultures a person belongs to makes them unique.  No one belongs to exactly the same subcultures.  Therefore, although subcultures assure people they are not alone, they also allow people to be unique. In my case, i figured that my subculture is purely based on making music.

          When I was about 5 years old, my mother had purchased me a mini casio keyboard. I loved it to death. I was making melodies and it even allowed me to lay out drum patterns and what not. Pretty advanced for a younging right? Well here comes where the tragedy hits. I was on my way home from school, and i bought a drink from the ice cream vendor. Enjoyed that on the stroll home, thinking about what kind of melodies i wanted to play when i got home.  I made my way inside the house and thought of finishing my homework before anything, so i did that. Then when the time approached, eagerly waiting to play with my keyboard, i rushed to my room, just to find out that it wasn’t there anymore. My mom ended up sending to my cousins in the Philippines. She said that I was too focused on that, and it wasn’t healthy for me. I was crushed. Badly. I had no inspiration, no motivation, no nothing. I wasn’t excited for anything. I had so many melodies in my head, but no way of unleashing them. So in time, that gradually ended up in me just forgetting that I had that passion at such a young age. It’s funny because I would have imagined and envisioned my parents investing in piano lessons, or something with an instrument. Nothing at all. Its like they didn’t notice  how much I enjoyed using that silly ol keyboard. No go. So when time came and I came of age, i was a bit hesitant and somewhat nervous to rekindle that flame i once had, because of the feeling of that pain that came along with knowing regardless of how comfortable you are with your craft, that it can switch up on you in a matter of seconds, and I didn’t want that to happen ever again. Once i found the strength to fully pursue my dreams of producing music and also my new found glory in video editing, everything felt right, and i didn’t want to let go of this as well as the knowledge i can share with my peers. Prior to my schooling, I was working in a Laboratory where we test blood samples for whatever case it may be. One day I was sitting on my lab chair, staring out into space, imagining what could have, or would have been. From then on i knew, i had to go back to school and pursue my dreams, because i noticed how bland i was, and very unseasoned due to being a slave at work and having no time for anything. So i got up, talked to my supervisor about my situation, and now i am here. I guess being in a subculture does have a really deeper meaning now that i think of it.

          Being on the path of an aspiring producer/music technology major, I believe that this subculture’s essence is based more towards creativity than anything. I mean yeah, you can own all the equipment you want, all the instruments and access to all the establishments, but without that sense of creativity, elements might turn out bland like an unseasoned steak. To pursue something that is purely based on artistry and taking pride in being different, it takes a lot of inspiration, as well as creativity. Creativity is what sets us apart from the norm, which also gives you more pride in your work. Without having that element, it waters down what you want to create as well as diminishing the idea of you being different. It’s kind of like letting somebody else’s ideas take over your mind, and letting it brand itself all over you, instead of you finding that inspiration, then build on that creativity. When letting that sequence take place, at the end of it, you end up looking like a copycat. And usually in music making, there are a lot of those, and some take a lot of pride in that. That is why I believe creativity is an important essence in this Subculture. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” -Pablo Picasso.

             The primary elements that are usually incorporated in this subculture are based on creativity, countless hours of trial and error, discovery, sharing knowledge, and last but not least, being able to add elements from various sources and peers alike. We already know how much creativity plays a part in this subculture and how it important it is, but from a creating point of view, sometimes it is hard to find inspiration, or finding that guiding light per say that will help you through the creative process. Most of the time, thats where all the hours are spent. Trying to find out how you want it to come out, or how you want it to sound. If you are not willing to put in the time to go through the motions, it is easy to fall back into the category of just forcing it out, which in turn “waters down” the end result. So it is a must for anyone pursuing something in the art or creative arts to spend countless hours on their craft.

           Currently, I am pursuing a Music Technology program here at Foothill College.  We all know work, effort, participating, sharing, and creating we have to complete in order to be accepted for. Not just in my field, but everyone else thats trying to pursue something.  It applies to everyone that is after a degree and i’m also  hoping for a job as well. Therefore you are considered included in that subculture. If you are pursuing something in whatever career field, and you don’t consider yourself part of that subculture, i believe something is wrong with that. It’s like denying your birthright, or being ashamed of it.  Additionally, we all feel connected to each other because we are in the same field of sharing ideas, knowledge, and pointers from past experiences and also from mistakes they have made in the past. Throughout my time here at Foothill, I was in many classes with the same people since we are all following a required curriculum.  Most of my fellow music technology major students have a broad outlook on life, because of situations they have dealt with, opposition they have faced, and also the feeling of knowing that they will be making a difference through what they create, usually on a smaller local level, to something a bit more vast. Seeing how confident they are in their craft, and accepting me and acknowledging me and my craft has taken me to a whole new level of creativity. And i’m not just referring to making music, it translates into this English Class that I am so proud of, and also a bunch of other facets in life in general that i won’t have time to emphasize on in this essay. But i hope you catch my drift. I am really thankful for the peers around me, and also my family that has been so supportive, even if my mom gave away my keyboard, it gave me a sense of fulfillment, whereas I had to find the strength and time and all that is necessary to pursue my dreams. Not something that was just given to me, and later on down the line just take for granted. So i believe that there might be an underlying factor there that my mother knew about that she didn’t tell me. Surprisingly, she has told me how she was happy that I was pursuing my dreams, and she did emphasize on how much I loved playing music, and it showed. The funny thing is that I didn’t question her, and why she sent it away from me. I had a feeling like I already knew.

               When part of a subculture, it helps you hone in on your energy, and how much of it you want to incorporate. It also helps you on a broader level because of the peers that surround you. You might bump heads with a couple, but thats what happens when you are pursuing something that people have tons of passion in, and i love it. It brings me to a plateau that I never knew i could reach and its gratifying because it’s not just helping me reach my goals, but also the people around me. Knowing that a little bit of insight and feedback does go a really long way, especially if you take it the way its supposed to be taken in. And that’s the beauty of this subculture, because there are no right or wrong answers, just creativity, gut feelings, intuition, feedback, and knowing that your music can help heal somebody else thats going through it, or even help a peer relieve stress from collaborating on something together. I never took the time to realize if I was considered in a Subculture. Now that I think of it, I’m way deeper in it than i thought. And that feeling alone is utterly amazing.


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